The best liquid foundation for oily skin - A melhor base líquida para a pele oleosa

junho 28, 2018

Most Women have oily skin, especially in the T zone: forehead, nose, chin. We shine! And, yes, you need to take some special care before doing the make. "First the skin has to be cleaned with a micellar water". "Then it's worth tonic and a primer to close the pores."
So it's time to choose the base. "Do not worry so much about the texture of the product - liquid, creamy, powdery - but with excess moisturizing active ingredients in the formula, It is true that the more watery texture does not hold so much on the skin. Heavier cover lasts longer, which does not mean it's ideal. Look for oil-free bases, matte finish. "

In time: oily skin does not need to be heavy, rough. "The cool thing is to highlight its natural beauty!". Check out our selection.

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